Challenging native

Fast web applications development, profiling and optimization


In recent years web technologies became a silver bullet for UI, crossplatform development. However we still have a lot of discussion on it pros and cons. The most critical issue developers face creating web apps is a performance comparing to native applications. A lot of "know how" needed in order to produce HTML / JS application which is as fast as iOS or Android native. This e-book is a short practical guide into web performance which cover all aspects you need to know to create fast applications and stunning interactive experiences able to challenge native platforms.


Front-end engineer working on "embedded JavaScript" in UPC. Passionate about UI experiments and performance optimization. Launching JavaScript to the space and stratosphere in spare time. Blogging at

Head of cross - platform development department in MobiDev. Leading specialist in PhoneGap development. Author of RAD.js framework. Performance enthusiast, speaker.

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